My gallery includes  3D projects for V-teractives Games & UPMC - as well as Web projects for Aging Services Inc., Paint 'N Sip, and more. Check out some of my Freelance contributions and current Indie Game Projects on Indie DB. Also head to my Journal page to see what I'm currently working on.


What I Do and Why.

Ashlee Long

I make several forms of art; I started like most with a pencil, paper, and ideas. In 2006 I attended the Art Institute in Pittsburgh PA. I received my BS in Game Design in 2010. Since graduating I've worked as a 3D Artist and Level Designer for UPMC, a 3D modeler for V-teractive games, a graphic and web designer for a few companies in the Western PA and Eastern OH areas. For a full history please read my Resume.

I love drawing, modeling, and creating. I have a passion for all things interactive, including video games. I am constantly learning as much as I can. For a look at what I'm up to on a daily, weekly, or montly basis head over to my Journal page.

V-teractive Team

Brief Project History

Over the last few years I've been forturnate enough to work with some beautifully creative minds. While with V-teractive games (team members featured above), I worked as a primary 3D modeler working on the facebook item-find game "Questinations". We attended the Shell Games & Alpha Labs annual Game crawl. The event is a Halloween event that enables several small developers in the Pittsburgh region to present work and try to capture funding. For added fun, there is a costume contest. Being true to my nature I created my Halo suit, and won!

I currently work on a freelance basis. To keep my 3D skills in check I contribute to a few independent MOD projects. I work on small business websites, graphic design and marketing packages.


Game Engine Work

I am a firm believer in learning all you can. Artists who can understand where their programming counterparts stand on a developement team are very valuable, and make for a smoother development process - particularly in small dev teams.

I use UDK, Unity, Unreal2004, UT3, UDK, CryENGINE, and Hammer engine. I've done level design in all of them, and scripting in a few others. I've also created a few shaders in the UDK engine recently to achieve cel-shading for my TMNT indieDB project. I wouldn't consider myself the "go-to code monkey", but I am well informed and always learning.




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Progress bar of software experience. Artists should never be at 100% since learning and improving are always the goals. In terms of 3D modeling I work best in Zbrush and 3Ds max, I have the most to improve in Maya.


- Closely follows a concept or style

- Tightly packs UV unwraps

- Communicates ideas clearly

- Effective Time management

- Works well with a team or alone

- Keeps projects organized & prioritized

- Models with animation in mind

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Get in Touch

I'm Available for Hire. Contact me via email, Linked-in, or even tumblr.

If you like what you have seen and have any questions about my services, would like to discuss working on a project together, or are simply interested to chat over an idea, feel free to get in touch.

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