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My gallery (currently under construction) includes projects for V-teractives Games, UPMC, The Art Institutes, 2nd Coming Comix and more. Check out some of my Freelance contributions and current Indie Game Projects on Indie DB.


What I Do and Why.

CG Artist
John Doe

Ashlee Long

I make several forms of art; I started like most with a pencil, paper, and ideas. In 2006 I attended the Art Institute in Pittsburgh PA. I received my BS in Game Design in 2010. Since graduating I've worked as a 3D Artist and Level Designer for UPMC, a 3D modeler for V-teractive games, a graphic and web designer for a few companies in the Western PA and Eastern OH areas. For a full history please read my Resume.

I love drawing, modeling, and creating. I have a passion for all things interactive, including video games. I am constantly learning as much as I can. For a look at what I'm up to on a daily, weekly, or montly basis head over to my Journal page.

V-teractive Team
Jane Helf

Brief Project History

Over the last few years I've been forturnate enough to work with some beautifully creative minds. While with V-teractive games (team members featured above), I worked as a primary 3D modeler working on the facebook item-find game "Questinations". We attended the Shell Games & Alpha Labs annual Game crawl. The event is a Halloween event that enables several small developers in the Pittsburgh region to present work and try to capture funding. For added fun, there is a costume contest. Being true to my nature I created my Halo suit, and won!

I currently work on a freelance basis. To keep my 3D skills in check I contribute to a few independent MOD projects. I work on small business websites, graphic design and marketing packages.


UDK Shaders
Joshua Insanus

Game Engine Work

I am a firm believer in learning all you can. Artists who can understand where their programming counterparts stand on a developement team are very valuable, and make for a smoother development process - particularly in small dev teams.

I use UDK, Unity, Unreal2004, UT3, UDK, CryENGINE, and Hammer engine. I've done level design in all of them, and scripting in a few others. I've also created a few shaders in the UDK engine recently to achieve cel-shading for my TMNT indieDB project. I wouldn't consider myself the "go-to code monkey", but I am well informed and always learning.





-Autodesk 3D Studio Max

-Adobe - Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere

-Unreal Technologies - UE3, UDK, UE4

-Unity 3D

-Pixologic Zbrush


- Closely follows a concept or style

- Tightly packs UV unwraps

- Communicates ideas clearly

- Effective Time management

- Works well with a team or alone

- Keeps projects organized & prioritized

- Models with animation in mind

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Get in Touch

I'm Available for Hire. Contact me via email, Linked-in, or even tumblr.

If you like what you have seen and have any questions about my services, would like to discuss working on a project together, or are simply interested to chat over an idea, feel free to get in touch.

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